About Us

Summer Villa Escape is unlike any other luxury travel experience. With over 10000 properties listed throughout South Africa and expanding, you should have plenty of choices for your home away from home, holiday  experience. Many places offer private pools, fantastic beachfront property, and even personal staff. All that remains for you is to indulge in your luxury vacation rental to the fullest, something that you shouldn’t find too difficult.

Summer Villa Escape was founded in 2012 and is growing from strength to strength in the holiday rental market. The launch of our new bespoke site in 2012 aims to revolutionize the visual and aesthetic elements to the drab property web market in Southern Africa and the world. We have used cutting edge web technology to develop a state of the art user experience, and planning to keep developing well into the future.

Feel free to join the conversation on twitter and Facebook or even visit our sister sites, PoshVillasInternational, SummerEscape and SandtonStay for news, reviews and specials across South Africa and Beyond. Once signed in to any of the sites you can have access to all the deals across all of them.